3 Skincare Essentials To Try This Spring

With spring in full bloom comes the need to change up your beauty routine. Now that the issues we have to deal with in winter are gone, it's time to focus on fresh, spring skin. That means more lightweight options and if you weren't wearing SPF during the winter (which you should be), it's now time to make sure it's in your daily regimen. Don't worry, I have you covered with a little help from Tree Hut. You might recognize the name from a ways back when I fell in love with their moisturizing shave oil, here. Honestly, there was no way I wasn't going to love their skincare products, because I can't live without the shave gel - never going back to cream, ever!

Anyways, back to skincare and the essentials for the season. Tree Hut sent over 6 skincare options that were tough to narrow down, but I think these three will win you over too, and make themselves regulars in your skincare routine - especially as the season kicks off.

First off, you need a good cleanser, always. This Purifying Gel Cleanser (available at Ulta) is great. No crazy frills attached - just a good, lathering cleanser with a light rose scent. It's non-drying and leaves my skin feeling clean. I'm guessing we can chalk that upto the rosewater and other hydrating ingredients. If you love rosewater in your beauty products, this is a win. I love it. Like other Tree Hut products, it's sans parabens, phthalates, and sulfates, so you can rest assured that you're getting lots of natural botanicals. I want to add that as someone who suffers from acne prone skin- especially during this pregnancy-it definitely kept things clear and didn't trigger any breakouts from switching cleansers, so that was an added bonus.

Next, a daytime moisturizer with SPF. I know a lot of people like to keep their moisturizer and SPF separate, but I don't always love the feeling of having a pile of products on my face when I start the day. The Protecting Daily Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (available at Ulta) is ideal if you're like me and want one product for the job. It's super lightweight and absorbs quickly without the greasy residue. I actually forgot primer after application the other day and I was pleasantly surprised at how well my makeup glided on and stayed on for the day - so it's definitely skip-primer-worthy.

Last but not least, a hydrating overnight mask. If there's one product I can't live without aside from a good toner, is an overnight mask. During the day your skin goes through the wringer: whether it's sun exposure, city pollution, a night out on the town, or all the above; you need a little TLC when you hit your pillow at night. Enter, the Hydrating Overnight Mask in Soothing Chamomile (available at Ulta). Cleanse your skin and apply a light layer of the lightweight gel mask to your skin and voila! You're bedtime ready and giving your skin the attention it needs. No need to wash it off, it dries pretty quickly so you can go straight to bed without the worry of transferring it on to your pillow, or the sticky feel of leaving something on your face overnight. Just wash your face in the morning. Out of all the products this is definitely hands-down my favorite. I use it 2-3 times a week and it lives on my headboard/night stand for easy access so I don't miss a treatment.

What are your spring skincare essentials? Have you tried any of these Tree Hut products?
This post is sponsored by Tree Hut. All opinions are my own.