This Week

And just like that February is in the wind. Here's hoping spring heads in this direction soon because I'm not entirely sure how much longer I can tolerate the strange weather fluctuations between 70˚and 30˚. I have hope especially after seeing tiny pops of green shooting up from the earth on my walk home yesterday, so soon it is!

Let's get moving with This Week's roundup!

First off, ending last week at the Old Navy Summer preview. If you're not already in ready to throw on a swimsuit, this will give you every reason to look forward to sunshine and warm weather. That or a tropical vacation. I mean, look at these suits! 

Next, dinner with NestlĂ© Damak. If you love pistachios AND chocolate, this bar is for you. I never thought I'd play favorites with chocolate but this is probably one of the best, most indulgent chocolates I've ever had. 

I finally got to pop into MB45 for a Mani/Blowout and left feeling like a whole new woman. I can't help but love the idea of getting a mani while you're getting a blowout, it feels so luxurious and it's reasonably prices at $65 for the two services. Plus, you're out of there in 45 minutes, boom! If you're in Tribeca, I HIGHLY recommend you check it out.

Wednesday night I got to Try The World Belgium style at the Belgium Consulate General's home with chef Bart Vandaele (Top Chef). Aside from being won over from all the items in the box this month I could not help but indulging the amazing chocolate, tons of Belgium frites and most delicious beef carbonnade that I've ever had. 

Grab this month's Belgium box here

Finally, I wrapped up the week with some fresh flowers and the MAJOR brow overhaul. Truth, I haven't touched them this entire pregnancy in hopes that they would grow to Brooke Shields status with the hormones. Well, sadly they did not but they got a major touch up from Hibba at her Columbus Circle studio and I feel so much better. 

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