Paisley Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress

While I've spent the majority of this pregnancy in non-maternity pieces there's been a few selects that I legitimately can't get enough of. For instance, the perfect spring maternity dress from Sure, it was 60˚when I decided to sport it for the first time but it doesn't make it any less perfect. It's so flipping comfortable that I got so side tracked that I picked an odd foot pairing. I'm dress ready but not quite there with sandals, so booties it is. For now, at least. 

Any how back to the dress,  it's cute right? Also, it comes in navy so if you're not so into red there's a back up color. I personally love the red because I have SO MUCH BLUE in my closet that I needed to mix it up. Aside from the gorgeous color and print, who can resist that off the shoulder detail? Between that and the cold shoulder, you're going to be seeing a ton more of this silhouette as the temperature starts to rise. 

c/o Dress, Boots Chinese Laundry, Bag Vera Bradley