10 Ways To Get Yourself Moving Without Going To The Gym

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Withings, part of Nokia. All opinions are 100% mine.

A new year means new beginnings, whether it's a change of diet, the effort to add more movement to your life, or even trying something new with your wardrobe. After 5 months of being somewhat stationary thanks to morning sickness and extreme fatigue, I am almost crazy to get myself moving as I (ahem) roll through the 6th month of my pregnancy and onward.

Of course, I'm getting a little help from Withings Steel watch. The stylishly sleek watch automatically syncs up with my Health Mate app to help track my steps, distance, and calories burned, as well as sleep monitoring. The watchband is available in 9 pretty sweet colors, but black is clearly my go to. The watch requires no charging so you can dance, run, and walk (even swim - it's waterproof too!) until your healthy little heart is content. I've been using the watch on a daily basis to see how many steps I take doing just my daily routine. Surprisingly enough, simple things like walking to the store, school pick up, and other walkable errands actually rack up some serious numbers. I average around 10,000+ steps daily from just those few errands throughout the day. So, I guess I don't feel as bad about spending those last few months on the couch getting through my 1st, and part of my 2nd, trimester.

The app is super user friendly and it's easy to set daily goals and follow along as you achieve them.  I've even come up with a handful of ridiculously easy tips for getting yourself moving without having to invest in a gym membership. Track it all with Withings Steel watch and you might surprise yourself with how much activity you actually have going on a daily basis. Don't forget to check out other Withings products like the Body Cardio Scale.  

1. Walk More
Even if you're not in a walking city like New York you still can find easy ways to add more walking into your life. Park the furthest distance away in the parking lot at the mall or grocery store. Skip the handful of blocks on the train or the bus and walk the distance. Or simply just pick up the pace- instead of moseying along, add some speed to your step to get your heart rate up. It's recommended that you walk for at least 30 minutes every day.

2. Add Music
I don't know about you but music forces me to move. Who can stand still when just the right 90's pop icon songs come on? Add playlists to your day, it will be the quickest way to get you moving and break out some of those hidden dance moves that you forgot you knew (Truth: even the Elaine Benes dance can count as exercise).

3. Use The Stairs
If you're in a gigantic building, get off a few floors early and take the stairs the rest of the way. Or even take the stairs the whole way. Your thighs and butt will thank you later.

4. Do Your Own Housework
In the age of super reasonably-priced app-based housekeepers it's hard to turn down the luxury of having someone clean your house, but actually doing your own housework is a workout on its own. I mean, you know you feel the burn when you're scrubbing the tub and floors, right? Set a schedule and do a little every day, and really use your body while you're doing it. Have you ever done the twist standing on a towel to dry the floor? You might look crazy, but talk about a core workout! You just lay a dry towel on the floor, stand on it with both feet and with your waist, twist your feet back and forth so you move around the whole room, drying it as you go. Trust me, it's serious.

5. Walk To Get Your Morning Coffee Or Take Your Coffee Date To Go
Instead of staying home and waiting for your coffee to brew, take a quick walk to the closest coffee shop and grab a cup to go (and bring your own cup if you can to reduce waste). It starts off your morning with movement and you're rewarded with a caffeine kick. The same applies for coffee dates with friends, opt to take it to go and head out for a nice walk.

6. Work While Watching TV 
If you're going to binge on an entire season of a show you might as well be a little productive by getting creative with exercises at the same time. Challenge yourself and see how many pushups, squats and/or lunges you can do during a commercial break. Sit upright or stand, and see if you can hold your arms out in a T until the commercial. Or try watching from an exercise ball to maintain your core and keep from becoming a couch potato. There are so many possibilities here: planks, back bridges, the list goes on.

7. Add Quick and Simple Exercises To Your Morning / Getting Ready Routine
You can easily get a few reps of squats in when brushing your teeth and giving your hair a once over with the styling wand. Throw in some lunges when you're getting dressed. Let's be real, those skinny jeans aren't going to stretch themselves out, you might as well add some lunges and squats to the mix when you're trying to wrangle yourself into them.

8. Use a Stand Up Desk
Do something that keeps you standing like your breakfast bar / counter at home. You're more likely to move around and maybe add in a few quick stretches while standing than sitting at a desk. Even taking time out every half hour to stand up from your desk improves circulation and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. But while you're at it, why not make it 20 squats?

9. Chase Your Kids OR Dog Around
Taking your kids and/or dog to the park? Chase them around for a little bit. They'll be thrilled and you basically get in a full on workout just by chasing them up the stairs and across the playground a few times.

10. Use an activity tracker 
It's been proven that activity trackers, like with Withings Steel watch, actually help you move more. You set goals and most of the time go out of your way to achieve those extra steps. A couple of years back I was told by a celebrity personal trainer that in his experience, people who use activity trackers are more likely to burn calories than people who don't.

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