Gallery Wall + Gift Ideas from Minted

First off, if you've never heard of you need to hop on over and take a peek at the site for yourself. Real talk, it's a creative's dream. Over the last couple of weeks I've logged quite a bit of hours going over their endless inventory of art and home pieces for our apartment. They have amazing prints (which you'll spy on our new and improved gallery wall), amazing throw pillows, unique printed napkins, and just about anything else your print-loving mind can come up with (yes, they have teepees too- no joke). Don't even get me started on the amazing gift ideas. You could easily lose yourself in the rabbit hole that is Minted, so prepare yourself for click-after-click-after-click. 

As for me, after the grueling process of narrowing down my favorite pieces for my gallery wall (I still have a couple more coming, stay tuned) I couldn't wait to hang the colorful new pops of art. I may have even asked David to hang them up at 10pm the night they arrived. He declined for reasons I'll never understand. Something about neighbors, but who really knows? 
Anyhow, the wall and the art. I really wanted to stay in theme with colorful pieces but have some that were still kid friendly since we all spend a lot of time in the living room. The giraffe print was literally the first to go into my cart and up on the wall. It's quirky, colorful and everyone in the house LOVES it. They also have a ton more of similar animal pieces that are super drool-worthy, including this Zebra (obsessed). 
Next was replacing our black and white silhouette of a flamingo in the right corner with a brighter watercolor version that just pops against our berry wall. It was an easy swap and I couldn't help but add another like-colored framed geometric print to hang closer to my desk, which just might be my favorite of the 6. 
Rounding out the left side of the wall I added the black and white dot print, a tiny framed image of a succulent (a nod to my inability to keep the world's easiest to care-for plant alive). And last but certainly not least, was this agate inspired piece for one last pop of color.
Whether you want to shop some prints for your own gallery wall or are looking for last-minute gift ideas I have a feeling Minted might have something to offer you and the lucky people on your list this year. Not in need of art (pssh)? Check out their personalized gift ideas- like this personalized Flamingo journal ($16) that I had to have so it would match the wall.
Shop my new Minted pieces: 

This post was sponsored by Minted. All opinions are my own.