Leather Jacket Layering

I've been looking to update my moto jacket game for a bit now, mainly because I wanted to step away from the handful of faux leather jackets and invest in something more authentic and long lasting. This particular BlankNYC jacket (from Zappos) definitely fit the bill. Ok, I was a little weary about dropping $300 on a jacket but I've already worn it enough times to justify the price tag. It's a little heavier than my old faux's but that only makes it more perfect for the season. Also who can resist the rose gold hardware? The jacket has quickly because a 'bump' (and everyday) staple that I'm almost positive that everyone needs. Not looking to splurge? I love their faux version too, and it's under $100. All this 'edge' needs a touch of feminine and this skirt is basically the only skirt in my closet that still fits, thanks elastic waist band. Cashmere turtleneck, printed midi, boots and an oversized scarf - check!