3 90's Inspired Costume Ideas From Your Closet

Halloween is officially a few weeks out which means it's time to start planning this year's costumes, if you haven't started already. If you're without out an idea this year, Jackie and I have you covered with our Flashback Friday theme, The 90's. We're channeling some of our favorite pop culture icons from the decade we all know and love. If you missed last year's costumes, definitely check those out here (along with these 10 last minute costume ideas from your closet). 

Peg and Kelly Bundy (Married with Children)
What you need: 

For Peg: A leopard bodysuit over black leggings, teased hair, a bold lip and some seriously high heels. 

For Kelly: A cropped top, oversized cross necklace, sheer black tights, mini skirt and patent heels. Straighten and tease the front of your hair, and go for black liner on your eyes. 

Vivian Before and After Her Makeover 
(Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman)
What You Need: 

Before: White cropped top, blue mini skirt, over the knee boots, newsboy cap, red blazer. Blonde wig or faux bob (Jackie used this tutorial) 

After: Red off the shoulder dress, gloves, & heels. Hair in a loose french twist, red lip. 

Amber and Cher at Gym Class (Clueless):
What you need: 

Amber: Striped shirt and short set (or in my case, dress from my closet), white knee highs, Red high top converse, hoodie and pom hair ties for pigtails. Extra points for pager & water bottle purse.

Cher: Black biker shorts, white tee shirt, black cropped top, b&w adidas (or any sneaker from your closet). Ponytail.