Hair Essential: InfinitiPRO by Conair® Diamond Brilliance™ Smoothing Hot Brush

As far as my hair routine goes I try not to spend a boatload of time on it. In some cases my naturally wavy hair works in my favor. But honestly, that’s only if I take the time and let it air dry after my shower with a ton of product. Which, in reality, isn’t really all that often because I LOVE to shower right before bed and sleep on it wet, turning it into a complete mess by morning. Well, unless I blow it out. But who really wants to do a full blowout at 9 or 10 at night? Not me, that’s for sure.

Thankfully, it looks like my hair problems may have been solved, Last week, while I was at the Conair Style Coalition Lounge at the Dream Downtown during Fashion Week, I was introduced to my hair’s new best friend, the InfinitiPRO by Conair® Diamond Brilliance™ Smoothing Hot Brush ($49.99 at Target). Basically it’s the most time-efficient and easiest way to straighten my hair without having to put the effort in with a blowdryer or straightener. I love that it  gives my hair a more naturally straight look as opposed to the fried, stick straight ends from using a straightener. If you can use a hairbrush, you can use this. The paddle brush design with nylon, silicone and ceramic-coated bristles glides through hair for faster styling, and enhanced manageability. Kiss frizz goodbye with the ion generator, which neutralizes static to remove frizz and add smoothness and shine. The brush has three settings, low, medium and high. Low worked perfectly on my color-treated, dry hair. Note: It has to be used on dry hair, making it the perfect contender for straightening out my morning-after curls.

Since the girls did my hair at the lounge last week I was a little apprehensive about taking the brush home and trying it on my own, without their skills or products. Turns out I had nothing to worry about and it was a lot easier than I initially thought. I like to believe I did a pretty good job, even on my first try. My bangs even favored the ease of the brush gliding through my hair, making them nearly perfect. Conair did it again and I have a feeling this beauty essential is coming with me EVERYWHERE for now on.

This post is sponsored by Conair. All opinions are my own.