6 Easy Ways To Make A House A Home

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT. All opinions are 100% mine.
I might be the only one, but guys, I've been living under a rock. Renting furniture and rooms, for that matter is actually a thing and a very cool thing at that. Honestly, I feel like I've been missing out because after spending an afternoon on CORT Furniture Rental's site I want to ditch all of my current furniture in exchange for something new and fresh, and dare I say cheaper. Rent furniture? Yes please. I'm sure you already knew all of this already because I've only just gotten into decorating and actually purchasing furniture instead of getting hand-me-downs since we moved to New York a few years back. So I feel like it might be semi-understandable that I was completely in the dark about this fabulous service. I mean, it would have been ideal for our situation three years ago when we we're trying to figure out how to fill our tiny apartment, making huge mistakes with ill-fitting furniture in the process. Honestly, it's ideal for college apartments, military families or even just starting out in a new city trying to find your way. So, if any of the above apply, get yourself to CORT.com and check out their selection, it's amazing. 

Let's be real, moving is one of the most stressful times in your life, so why wouldn't you want something to be flexible and there to make things easier on you? Why not, rent furniture? Which is why I'm teaming up with CORT to share 6 ways to make your new space your home. Sure, you have most of your furniture after moving in your space but that's only half the battle, there's a whole other part where you have to make it feel like "your home". 

For me, it's taken almost three years for us to look around and say "I love this apartment". This comes after years of us putting together furniture, taking it apart, selling it on craiglist and putting more furniture together for us to even come close to this place and I still feel like we're not completely done.  Homes are ever-evolving and I feel like the decorating process never really ends. Maybe that's just me, especially when I get a wave of creativity in me.  But there are 6 sure-fire ways to keep things updated and feeling like home in the process. 

First, there's the three very obvious ones (that my mother taught me years ago) and they are the three P's - Pictures, Plants and Pillows. First off, our apartment is filled with PLANTS, we have tiny planters strategically placed from ceiling to floor,  not only to offer a little color and texture but also for an extra boost of air purification. They help keep you healthy, are the perfect accent, and one of the easiest ways to make a house a home. Second, PICTURES, we all have tons of them why not hang them all throughout the house, from family portraits to pieces of art, no wall is complete without them. Last of three, PILLOWS. We love pillows, they instantly add texture, color to chairs, couches and beds. They're easily thrown on the floor for extra seating when you're just hanging around the coffee table with friends or watching a movie. Next, these are equally as simple as the first three, one being accessories and the other LIGHTING AND LIGHT FIXTURES. When we moved into our apartment our living room came with a very hideous silver-ish glass topped 'chandelier' fixture from the 80's. We found out later it had be storing water from the leaking roof, giving us the perfect opportunity to boot the fixture in hopes of something more fabulous. Well, it's taken a few pendant light mishaps but we finally found our fixture in the form of a sputnik inspired mid-century fixture in chrome (truth: we haven't installed it yet, hopefully this weekend!). It will completely change the feel of the room and replace the $10 plastic pendant lamp and amp up the design in one of our favorite rooms. Looking for an update from the current lighting situation? There are tons of options that are likely to fit your budget and aesthetic. Worried about changing out the fixture in a rental? Just put the other fixture in the closet or storage and switch it out before moving out, easy peesy OR grab a great accent or floor lamp to boost the style in the room.  

Accessories, we use them daily in our wardrobe so it would only be fitting that little accents here and there would help make the space 'yours'. I look for quirky and unique pieces to fit our bohemian and mid-century style, but honestly the sky is the limit with everyone's personal taste. I love gold/brassy pieces, colorful and printed rugs, and tiny little textured pieces to place on bookshelves and cabinets. I even bring my hats and necklaces out to add pops of texture and color to the walls when I feel like it's looking bare. Remember, it's like fashion, have fun with it.   And finally the last and maybe, most labor intensive way to make a house a home is PAINT. As much as I hate painting I love what it does to a room. A bucket of paint has the ability to completely change the look of a room and for me, that is magical. For instance, our bright living room was originally a muddy tan color and let me tell you, it did nothing for me except maybe piss me off. But after painting it a deep berry hue it made everything just POP. We've added more color, prints, and it has easily become our favorite room in the apartment. Obviously painting isn't for everyone, so a close second is temporary wall adhesives. They're a little tricky to apply but come with the same wow factor as a bucket of paint. Those are my favorite tips to making a house a home, what are yours?  Don't forget to keep CORT in mind for your next move, addition to your space, or even an event. Check them out, even if it is just for decor inspo. 

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