Ruffle Bodysuit and Flares

Since North Carolina has been a balmy 70˚ this week I've been more than comfortable wearing denim pieces throughout the day. This particular pairing might be one of my favorites, mainly because of the bodysuit. It's amazing. I really have to ask myself why I was so resistant to trying these out because they are a GIFT, especially if you hate constantly tugging at your shirt untucking. Plus, it's surprisingly comfortable and easier to get off and on than I expected {Just a little shimmy and a shake}. 

I opted for black and brown accessories in the form of the vintage silk scarf seen in a few of these pictures and the fossil saddle bag that is getting tons of wear lately. We spent the better half of the morning cruising this particular strip in Brevard before heading to Lowe's to pick up a mid-century, sputnik inspired light fixture to take home and install in our living room. Apparently they were one of the last remaining stores in the country that still had it so two birds, one stone.

Places to check out in Brevard, N.C - O.P Taylor Toy Store (one of my favorites since I was a kid), Rocky's Grill and Soda Shop (Authentic 1950's shop), and Looking Glass Falls (Waterfall).