Pineapple Jalapeno Yogurt Popsicles

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In honor of National Hot and Spicy Food day tomorrow I decided to whip up some fiery yogurt pops that pack just enough sweet and fire that not only fit the bill for tomorrow's 'holiday' but the last days of summer as well. If you're a spicy fan I highly recommend checking out Noosa's New Sweet heat yoghurts. I'm partial to the Pineapple Jalapeno & Blackberry Serano, they are freaking delicious. 

Originally, I wanted to use the Pineapple Jalapeno Yoghurt to top my baked tacos but something about the summer weather steered me straight to popsicles. I am obsessed. They're creamy, fruity with a tinge of heat. I drizzled mine with a little Siracha for extra fire and it was perfection. Plus, it doesn't hurt that they are ridiculously easy to make. 

Pineapple Jalapeno Yogurt Popsicles (Yields 4 Popsicles)
What you need:
1 Package Noosa Pineapple and Jalapeno Yohgurt
1/4 Fresh or Frozen Pineapple, Cut into small pieces
1/4 Cup Milk (I used whole)

Optional: Siracha to drizzle 

1. Combine Yogurt and a bowl, stirring until smooth. 

2. Drop pineapple pieces into popsicle molds. Coat with Yogurt mixture and freeze overnight (or at least 6 hours if you're impatient). 

3. Drizzle with Siracha and enjoy.