5 Tips To Smoother, Radiant Legs This Summer

This post brought to you by Pure Silk Shave Cream. The content and opinions expressed below are that of TfDiaries.

Smooth, radiant legs are essential in the summer time. The last thing I want is to look down at my bare legs and see unsightly stubble messing up my style game. We've all been there. Sure, I forget to shave from time to time but as a whole I think it's safe to say I have a pretty good routine put together, especially in the summer time. Most recently, with the help of Pure Silk Shave Cream. The new-to-me, found easily in drugstores, brand goes on smooth and moisturizes your skin throughout the process. Looking for a new shave cream? Now is the time to try Pure Silk, mainly because you can practically get it for free with the 7/10 RedPlum coupon stacked with the CVS mobile app savings PLUS in-store deals (50 cents off 1 coupon in 7/10 Redplum + $1.00 off 1 CVS mobile app. It can also be found at Walgreens for .89, with coupon).

So grab your new Pure Silk shave cream and check out these 5 tips for smoother, radiant legs this summer.

Exfoliate - Sloughing of dead skin before shaving is essential when getting a close, smooth shave. Using a light homemade exfoliant like coconut oil and sugar is as great of an option as pricier, packaged products. Both ditch the dead skin and help raise the pesky hairs hiding beneath the surface.

The Right Razor - Investing in a good razor is key. Using disposable single blade razors are more likely to drag on the skin causing irritation instead of a perfectly smooth leg. Spend a few extra bucks on a 4 - 5 blade razor to help maneuver hard to reach areas. These are specifically made to meet 'your needs' (i.e.: those beautiful curves). Yep, It's time to ditch the razor sharing with the significant other and get yourself an amazing razor of your own. Don't forget to change your blade at the first sign of dullness, usually after 8-11 uses.

Lathering Up - Skipping out on a good lather is never a good idea, it's just as bad as using bar soap. It's extremely drying to the skin and you're more likely to end up with nicks and scrapes. Opting for a great shave cream to create a barrier between your legs and your razor is your best bet to keeping your legs looking in top shape. As I mentioned, Pure Silk Shave Cream, moisturizes like no other shave cream and prevents nicks and cuts better than gel or soap and water. You can find it in almost every drugstore nationwide and for a fraction of the price of the competitors. Plus it's sans parabens and other gross ingredients found in other shave gels and creams.

A Good Shave Routine - So we've got the right razor, and we've got the silkiest, smoothest, moisturizingest shave cream you can get, but did you know that shaving at night with warm water is optimal when getting a close shave? Warm water opens the follicles, and shaving at the end of the day gives your skin time to heal without subjecting your open pores to the elements and pollution first thing in the morning. Didn't think of that, did you? Remember, always shave in the opposite direction of hair growth. You can always shave, re-apply gel or cream and re-shave the area.

Moisturize - Basically treat your legs like your would your face, baby the crap out of it. Give your legs a little time to breathe post shower before slathering on the moisturizer. Opt for moisturizers with healing and soothing properties like aloe vera, coconut oil and/or shea butter to ward off any unwanted post shave bumps or itches. For a glowing, more flawless look, maybe use something with a little shimmer. Avoid going too heavy with application, especially in the summer heat, to avoid stickiness.
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