How To: Watermelon Nail Art

I'll be the first to say that nail art is really not my strong point, mainly because in most cases I get distracted and end up botching things up. But, in this case I found the watermelon inspired nails to be a little easier than I initially thought it would be. If you follow me on instagram you might have already spotted them on my feed over the weekend I thought I'd give them another share with some steps on how to get the look yourself. Because, why not be festive this summer?

How To: 

Start with a base coat of green. Let dry. 

Top with a red or pink leaving a sliver of green showing for the rind. Let dry. 

Next, with a lighter shade of green or white draw a line above the darker green with bobby pin or thin brush.

Now, for the seeds. Dot with the end of a bobby pin and black polish (you can use the lighter green/white as well). Let dry and top with a clear top coat for shine. 

Enjoy with watermelon slices.