Easy Side Braid Pony

Honestly, once summer humidity starts playing games with my hair and it's texture that's the exact moment where I stick a pin in my blow out routine and promptly move to easy 'updos'. Braids, to be exact. There's just something about the carefree look and texture of a braid, plus it's easily done (in most cases, I can't even fathom fishtails). This one happened purely by chance, it started to unravel on the bottom and I ended moving the elastic up higher to secure and let the bottom hang free. Voila an easy side braid pony. 

Get The Look: 

1. Part your hair off to one side (not all the way down, just on the crown). I chose the right because my bangs are easily pulled away. 

2. Start to braid the 'thicker' side, down to the bottom. Secure, for now. 

3. On the other side, start from the top and begin to braid down. You want this braid to wrap around the back of your head and secure into the other braid. Make sure the back is smooth as you go. 

4. Connect the two braids at the base off your head and secure. Let the first braid's bottom unravel at the bottom and hang into a pony. 

5. Loosely pull on the braids to add texture and volume. Spritz with hairspray if needed.