Flowers and Fringe

I don't know what I love more here, the gorgeous hair courtesy of Amika or this skirt set from, wait for it, TARGET. Ok, I'm obsessed with both. They're equally amazing and different at the same time, one channels the hair from DVF's amazing spring 16 runway and the other makes an incredible spring wardrobe addition, for less. I wore the top and skirt together, but I have a feeling they're going to be just as fabulous as separates. Now, I only gave you knee up shots because we ran upstairs to shoot the hair before the sun went down and I was most definitely barefoot - reshoots didn't happen because we all came down with a pretty wicked stomach flu a few house later. It knocked us on our asses until last night - and even then I'm still not 100%. So, I owe you shoe options - until then, this fabulous hair and set will have to keep you company. Note to self: White outfit on white background; not the ideal choice. 

Top and Skirt Target, Jacket Kevin Shahroozi, Hair Amika