What To Pack For Spring Break

It’s almost the end of February and I’ll take anything that even slightly resembles spring or a chance at getting away from this gross weather. Sure, it hasn’t been a terrible winter but these last couple of weeks have me looking forward to sandy beaches and an umbrella drink with my name on it. If you’re anywhere north of Florida I’m sure you feel my pain. Therefore, I will fantasize about Spring Break until I’m shading myself with an oversized hat under the sun on a beach, anywhere.

So in the spirit of positive thinking, I thought I’d muse a little on my packing essentials and how to get the most bang for your buck space-wise. Because in reality you don’t need those 6 pairs of heels taking up that precious suitcase real estate. Trust me.

I know that it’s probably cliché, but every time I plan a trip, like clockwork I’m visited by my monthly friend either at the very start or middle of my trip. It’s annoying, but it’s life. Therefore, being prepared is an essential when it comes to packing. I’m kind of loving Tampax Pocket Pearl. The box is super compact and doesn’t take up any of my coveted suitcase space and the click applicator is easy to use. The colorful packaging doesn’t hurt, so having a couple floating around in my clutch or beach bag doesn’t cramp my style.

As far as the rest of my suitcase is concerned, as I mentioned, less is more. Lighter bags are easier to carry and extra room is handy for souvenirs or those dresses you had to have. So, try and stick to one pair of sandals for the beach, one pair of heels for your night on the town and a comfy pair of sneakers when you’re feeling adventurous or making your way through the airport. Tip: Try on, write down or snap pics of all of you outfits so you know exactly what you have in your suitcase.

Packing the essentials - You really only need 3-4 suits if you’re spending a week on the beach - bikinis are easily mixed up so you’re not caught dead wearing the same suit twice. All beach adventures need a extraordinary sunhat, but make sure it’s packable - you don’t want it to lose form before you make it to your destination. Coverups should be able to double as outfits so pack accordingly, and don’t be afraid to take them from day to night. A pair of cutoffs should suffice and they’re effortlessly paired with anything from a bathing suit top to dressed-up tunics. A couple of resort-esque dresses don’t hurt for nights on the town, à la the escape to Mexico in Sex & The City - just make sure they all match up to your ONE pair of heels. Don’t forget to pack enough underwear and bras to last you through the week. I’d add an extra pair just in case something unforeseen happens, like (oh no!) getting stuck on your vacation for an extra day.  

Once all of your clothes and accessories are packed, grab your beauty bag and pack it on the top of your bag for easy accessibility {see what’s in mine below}. Don’t forget Tampax Pocket Pearl...

What’s in My Beauty Bag

What’s in My Beach Bag

What’s in my Girl’s Night Out Bag

What’s in your bag?
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