5 Types Of Underwear to Own and What to Wear Them With

When it comes to underwear the older I've gotten the more picky I've become about what I choose and refuse to wear. Among other things, I've learned that not all sizes are the same from store to store and that sometimes it's okay to spend a little more on a pair that's going to last. Underwear also comes in what seems like a millions different cuts and the only real key when purchasing is how it makes you feel when it's on: you never want it to feel too small or like there's a ton of unnecessary fabric. Which is why with a little help from Kohl's and their endless options, I'm sharing 5 types of underwear to love and what to wear them with...

I'll be the first to say the thong gets the least amount of wear out of all of the underwear choices in my drawer, and that's mainly because I like having the coverage. As someone who wears a lot of skirts and dresses the last thing I need is to be flashing the world when a gust of wind hits at the most inopportune moment. So, I reserve the tiny little piece of fabric for certain occasions where I can almost be guaranteed that I wont be giving passersby a show. Best Pairings: Bodycon dresses where you absolutely cannot show a panty line and {body skimming} thin or light weight fabric in pants, dress and skirts. Buying Tips: Skip the g-string and opt for a {wider} lace option. They're more comfortable and don't ride up as often. 

The classic bikini can do no wrong, it's always in style and comes in an array of styles and cuts. It has excellent coverage but can still be modern enough to skip the feelings of wearing  your grandma's underwear. Best Pairings: Boyfriend Jeans, Cut-offs, Skirts and Dresses. Buying Tips: If you're shopping for a wider waistband, opt for lace for a more comfortable fit. Cotton is always a great option, just make sure you don't size-down to avoid the dreaded muffin top.  

The cheeky is probably the most popular pair of underwear in my drawer, it fits under virtually everything with slightly less coverage than the bikini and more than the thong. It sits lower on your hips and is absurdly comfortable for a tiny piece of fabric. Best Pairings: Dresses, Jeans & Pants, Shorts, Yoga Pants, Skirts. Buying Tips: Laser cut or lace trimmed options are your best bet for comfort and durability (Cotton doesn't hug the body and it ends up feeling like you're wearing too much fabric). 

For me, I think boyshorts offer the most coverage. This particular high waisted {shapewear} style is an essential in my underwear drawer and next to the cheeky gets the most wear. I personally love the sporty feel, comfort and that it offers extra 'protection' from unforeseen gusts of wind when I'm wearing dresses and skirts. Best Pairings: Flowing dresses and skirts, high waisted wide-leg pants. Buying Tips: Make sure the fabric is comfortable and has good maneuverability, the last thing you want is to not be able to move or breathe

Shapewear is one of those things that once you try it you're hooked. The key is finding the right fit, you don't want it to be too tight or stiff. Regardless of what some say, shapewear doesn't have to be uncomfortable. Decide what kind of coverage you want and then shop for that particular pair, there are tons of options out there so take the time to try them all on before making a decision. Remember: not all pairs fit the same and what may work on some doesn't necessarily work on others. Best Pairing: Formal and Not-so-formal Bodycon & Skimming Dresses and skirts where you need more 'coverage', high waisted pants and skirts. Buying Tips: Always try on before buying and be willing to invest in a pair or two that really 'fit'. 
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