Layering Up

Truth time. I actually wore this outfit once already last year with the addition of a stylish starbucks red cup. However,  I figured since I had a couple new {accessory} additions plus a different hair color than the first look that I could probably get away with posting it again, especially since I've been practically living in it during the weekends to run errands. Turns out you don't need a huge, puffy coat to keep you warm, just a whole lot of layers. And layers I can work with, the thought of having to wear the same coat for the entire season just makes me dread the idea of 20˚ weather and snow. Thankfully these piled up pieces pretty much do the trick and I can switch it up without completely falling into a style rut or racking up an unhealthy amount of coats in my closet.

Which look did you love more?

New Pieces: Report Lipton Boots via DSW, Bag HButler {p.s - my bag charges my phone!} , Tights Hanes Oldies But Goodies: Bag Scarf Vintage, Sweater Loft, Dress Target, Jacket Spiegal Scarf Nordstrom Rack.