Get The Look: Loose Side Braid

I really can't say I love washing my hair. I actually try to stretch it as long as possible between washes. The whole process of washing, conditioning, treating and then styling just seems tedious - especially in the winter. I even caught myself {mid-rinse} washing my hair with conditioner, needless to say my hair was a little greasy moving forward. So, instead of giving it a fab blowout or a whirl with the curling wand I opted to braid it with a twist. A fun, 90's retro twist. Topsy turvy ponytail flip anyone? After accidentally trying this on myself last week I decided it was time to bring it back. It's every bit party in the back as it is the front and I'm totally ok with it. 

- Get the look -

1. Brush out your unwashed hair and give yourself a deep side part.

2. Braid the front pieces and tie into a low ponytail. Loosely secure - you're going to be removing the elastic for this step later so don't tie it too tight. 

3. Braid the ponytail and secure. 

4. Above your first ponytail part your hair into two and pull the braid under - topsy turvy time. 

5. Remove the top elastic and loosen the braids. Voila!