Winter Essential: The Oversized Poncho

When it comes to winter essentials they tend to rack up pretty fast -  there's the sweater dress, the statement coat, the leather jacket, jeans, boots and whatever else we can think up while shopping for the season. It's pretty much all an 'essential' or at least that's what we tell ourselves to justify the purchase. But, for me it's all about the poncho. I LOVE a good poncho. You just layer it on over a long sleeve top or sweater, throw on a pair of jeans and boots and voila you're done. It's effortless, yet put together. This particular poncho was a pre-christmas score from H&M. My mom happened to pick it up for me when we were shopping and I wasn't entirely sure if I was going to love it. But, for $15 I couldn't say no. So, we brought it home and it's become a closet favorite - don't tell anyone but I even hid black yoga pants and a sweatshirt under it with these boots for a quick trip to the store and no one was the wiser. If you can do that and still look awesome, it's a win for the team - or closet. I've actually been wearing it non-stop with this grey and black oversized scarf. Guys, it's absurd how cozy it is - even with the freezing temps. Plus, I can't help but love how it looks. 

Poncho H&M, Scarf & Boots DSW (Report Lipton), Bag Kooba, Shirt and Pants Old Navy