How To: Layering The Suede Shift Dress

I feel like when it comes to boohoo they can pretty much do no wrong. Especially this season with their seemingly endless selection of bohemian and 70's inspired pieces - their prices alone are pretty amazing. Obviously I was born a decade or two late but I know that mom was killing these styles in her day, so I'm not surprised I have a special place in my heart and closet for them. This particular dress has become an instant favorite. Initially, I wanted my first wear to be layering over a high collar. But, for some reason I couldn't locate my favorite grey turtleneck, so I reversed course and went with a more revealing state {which I ended up loving - seen here}. When I did finally find my turtleneck, I got into layering mode! I can't help but be in love with these pieces paired together, they have just the right pop and this dress has proven to be a layering essential for my fall, winter and spring closet.

Layering tip: make sure the under layer is more fitted to avoid unwanted bulk.

Lara Shift Dress boohoo {10% & Free Shipping with EXTRA10}, Turtleneck Forever21 ($8!), Boots Report Lipton, Watch Bulova