4 Easy Holiday Hairstyles

I personally can't believe that Christmas is in less than three days, when did that even happen? Which left me wondering what on earth I'm going to do with my hair for the rest of the holiday get togethers I'll be heading to for the 'rest of the year'. I personally have grown a little tired of letting my waves steal the show so I've been giving my hair little 'switch up' for the last couple of weeks, including letting it go straight. So, with a little help from Garnier's Sleek and Shine Sleek Primer Style Prep I've put together a few hairstyles that will have me trying something different until the new year.

 Here's 4 super simple, holiday-ready hairstyles...

-The Blowout-
Just a quick blowout with a paddle brush, I sprayed a good amount of the Sleek and Shine Sleek Primer to prep my hair and to keep it from frizzing out. Tip: After blow drying, pin your hair in a loose low bun for added volume and texture. Take out when you're walking out the door.

-The Bardot Bow- 
It's no secret that I love Bardot-everything so a small pony on the crown with just a tiny bit of volume topped with a bow seemed to be the perfect fit. Complete with a cat eye and bold lip.

-Deep Side Part & Twist Braids-
Give yourself a deep part and instead of braid tie little knots and pin into place. You can do a loose braid if you'd rather go that route. 

-Half Up & Braided Crown-
First, pull the hair from the underpart of hair and braid over to the other side (tutorial here) and pin. Pull back two large pieces from the front of your hairline and pin back, tease if necessary. 
How are you doing your hair for the holidays?