4 Must-Have Beauty Stocking Stuffers

First of all, I honestly cannot believe the holidays are already here. It feels like September was yesterday and everything just blurred by. I'm not ready guys. I'm not. But, I will say there are some perks to all the holiday madness, aside from being with the people you love most, - it's the shopping. I'm probably the only person out there that feels like this, but I love shopping during the holidays. There's just something about the hunt that gets me excited. Which brings me to these latest finds, and ladies {or gentlemen who need a little something to add to your lady's stocking} these are pretty fabulous. Last month, I was lucky enough to snag myself a BabbleBoxx, it's a pretty new, co-sampling initiative that includes a handful of brands and is directed towards influencers. I'm pretty much sold, because most of the items from the box are products I've actually been dying to try, so for me it's a two birds/one stone kind of deal. 

I've taken the last couple of weeks to try out the items and figure out what I love and what I don't love. But I will say there were very few cons, making them at the top of my gifting list this season. Check them out. 

You could pretty much give me any Make Up Forever product and chances are I'm going to love it. This ULTRA HD foundation is magic, I ended up taking these pictures at the very end of the day {without touching up through out the day} but my 'face' was still very much intact and photographed beautifully, sans some shine. It's super light-weight and has excellent build-able coverage that doesn't settle into my not-so-tiny pores {and I only used one pump}. The foundation now comes in over 40 shades making it even easier to shop your color, and I suggest you do it in person. I struggled picking mine online and ended up picking something a couple of shades darker. Thankfully it was more my summer shade so it still worked. 

My Pros: Amazing coverage. Perfect for everyday to special occasions. Doesn't settle in pores.

My Cons: Difficulty matching color online, though I will say when I saw the actuall product page it clarified some of my issues and I was able to find my color. 

Price: $43

I'll be the first to admit that I'm nervous when it comes to sunless tanning products. Most of the blame goes to the fear of finding myself less on the golden glow side and more orange. It's happened to the best of us, but giving up would seem like an overreaction. So, I was willing to give Way Too Tan a shot - mainly because it smells like a Pina Colada and it's {Gluten &} Paraben-free. It's Dark HYBRID Tanning SILICONE is a an ultra-premium silicone emulsion for a luxe, fast, gorgeous, deep, dark tan. Plus it's has some pretty potent anti-aging organic antioxidants, including grape seed extract, and Sodium Hyaluronate.

My Pros: It smells amazing and goes on smooth (and feels smooth long after application)

My Cons: It's slightly dark for my fair skin. However, after a light application it seemed to match up better to my natural hue. Don't forget to wash your hands immediately afterwards!

Price: $89
best self-tanner, best sunless tanner

Cheek and Lip Stain, LAQA AND CO, Lip Lube
I've been dying to try New York based cosmetics brand LAQA & CO for what seems like forever, I know Jackie is almost always wearing their bold colors. My favorite part about that brand is that their products are multi-functional (and have some pretty sweet packaging thanks to some up & coming young artists).  The cheeky lip pencils are super light weight, matte cheek and lipstain - humble brag is my favorite! They also have a more glossy option with high gloss and a hint a mint {a natural lip plumper}

My Pros: Super light weight, build-able coverage, beautiful hues

My Cons: Not enough hours in the day to try them all. 

Price: $15-22 {30% Off With HOLIDAYLOVE}



Golly Gee Whiz

Well, she's done it again. Style Icon and {amazing} business woman, Jessica Simpson hit the nail on the head when she designed this fragrance. I'm a tough sell when it comes to strong fragrances but I can't resist anything with a fruity, floral, & vanilla infusion. The stronger notes of white chocolate bean accord, sandal and driftwood actually accentuate the light feminine flavors. I love the Americana vibe on the bottle design and it couldn't be more "Jessica" - as it mirrors the 10th anniversary of her brand. You Go Girl.

My Pros: Warm, Feminine Scent. Long lasting. 

My Cons: The spray bottle is a little over zealous, so a spritz seems like a little much. Could just be my bottle?

Ps. Receive a complimentary signature tote bag with the purchase of any large spray from the Jessica Simpson Fragrance collection (at Macy's) - Major gifting possibility!
"fruity," "floral," "flirty," "vanilla," "limited edition," "tenth  anniversary," "bohemian," "Americana"
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