Halloween-Inspired Beauty Potions

This post is sponsored by Target.
As Halloween and cold weather rapidly approach, I thought it was about time to spice up my beauty routine in favor of something a little different than the usual coconut-oil-for-everything route. So, in honor of my favorite spooky holiday, I’m teaming up with Target this month to share my favorite beauty potions that even the most powerful sorceress will envy. So, pull out your cauldron and gather your viper venom and dandelion oil for some seriously good skincare concoctions straight from the Target beauty aisle. Because Halloween shouldn’t stop at flawless makeup, am I right?

Time Balm Skincare White Tea Dandelion Skin Brightening Moisturizer: Infused with vitamin C, dandelion, and ginkgo biloba extract to brighten skin and leave it glowing with subtle light reflectors.

Aura Cacia Nurturing Sweet Almond Skin Care Oil: Like the benefits of eating almonds, almond oil can be used to keep breakouts at bay, leaving your skin smooth and flawless. It also can be used for cleansing your face, as a massage oil, and even as a hair conditioner. PS: It’s also great for dark circles and eczema.

Nip+Fab Skin Viper Venom Eye Fix: Concocted with Syn-Ake (inspired by the venom of the temple viper), Liftonin, and red algae to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as reduce the appearance of dark circles.
What are you mixing in your cauldron this fall?
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