Pinnacle® Chocolate Sundae Milkshake

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I’m a gal with a major sweet tooth. For me, chocolate is the word. I almost always have something hiding in my freezer, cabinet or desk waiting for the craving to kick in. So for this month’s Pinnacle® recipe, they asked me to create something with some of my favorite everyday essentials in mind, so I thought long and hard and decided chocolate ice cream was my best bet. Who doesn’t love ice cream? Next, I wanted to mix it up. Sure, we do ice cream in the house {often} but we rarely do anything else with it, i.e. sundaes and milkshakes. So, a Chocolate Sundae Milkshake it was. Which could not have come at a more perfect time with all the birthdays this month; who needs cake when you have this?

Anyhow, it’s amazing. It’s rich, chocolatey and hits the spot with a kick. I have to ask myself why didn’t I think of this sooner. Just whip this up and settle yourself in front of the TV and voila! Saturday night essentials.

Spiked Chocolate Sundae Milkshake
What you need {Serves 2}:

2 Oz Pinnacle® Whipped Vodka
4 Scoops Chocolate Ice Cream, slightly softened
3/4 Cup Milk
1-2 Tbsp. Whipped Cream

Optional {but awesome toppings}:
Whipped Cream
Maraschino Cherries
Chocolate Syrup

Combine Ice Cream, Milk, Pinnacle® Whipped Vodka and 2 Tbsp. Whipped Cream in blender or milkshake machine. Mix until smooth.

Pour into chocolate drizzled cup, add whipped cream and sprinkles. Finish with cherry. Grab a straw and enjoy!
Who says adults can’t enjoy the classics {with a kick}?...

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