Live In Color

It’s no secret that I love playing with color; for me, the bolder the better. Especially when I’m feeling a little down or low energy- whether it’s because of my mood or the weather- I always find myself reaching for colors that I know will pop. Having these electric coppery locks to play off certainly helps, and they may have even become my most important accessory for supercharging my mood and confidence. A little boldness against your blah’s, anyone? And they say blondes have more fun...

My suggestion: live in color.
Cue the Féria #LiveInColor event, where I was treated to the sweet sounds of ASTR & Elliphant as well as Helen Castillo’s fashion collection, which was inspired by each of the L’Oréal Féria colors. I spent a little one-on-one time at the L’Oréal Féria hair station to pick out ‘my perfect match’. Which, as it would turn out, is their newest and quite possibly best hue: Power Copper. Ok, I know we’re not surprised by this show of favoritism, as I’m forever a redhead (at heart at the very least), but the color is on fire. You can’t find color like this from a box. Trust me, I’ve been looking for any excuse to skip the salon visits.

Viva la Feria.
Want more fire? Check out how fellow red, Zoe from ASTR’s shows off her fiery rebel spirit.

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Images: Sunny Norton