App To Download: Google Photos

These days photo storage is key. Whether you're saving photos of the family, your blog pictures, Instagram snaps or your most recent trip around the world, you need somewhere to back them up. Especially since printing isn't the most practical choice anymore. For me, I've been using Google Photos since I started TfDiaries, so it's no secret that I'm already a fan. Like most things Google, I love the ease of maneuverability. It's simple and without complication, which is how things should be. 

With the intuitive design and differentiating search features your photos are beautifully organized in one place with easy access. The search tool is mostly likely the front runner of the app, simply type in what you're looking for and voila! There it is. No scrolling down for what seems like forever to find it. The photo app also creates stories from trips and moments captured, placing them in a labelled interactive timeline, perfect for sharing. Create fun gifs, collages and even enhance or edit your photos with the assistant. All without a giant effort. Real talk: It makes my life exponentially easier when it comes to taking, storing and sharing pictures. Plus, it's works on all devices, and it's free....

So, I met up with the Google Photos team last week in Brooklyn try to my hand at their 20 second "find the picture" challenge. Concert was my theme and as the timer began to count down I started to worry that I didn't have a concert in my photos. But not 5 seconds later my trip to the Louis Armstrong Festival with Lauryn Hill and Re-Birth in June popped up. An epic win with plenty of time on the clock left. My prize? An exquisite Wafel & Dinges waffle and the feeling of accomplishment. 

If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and download the app.
This post is sponsored by Google Photos. As always, thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog happen.