Closet Staple: White Converse Sneakers

I can't even believe I'm about to say this but this is actually my first pair of Converse sneakers, ever. Sure, I've been a fan of the universally flattering sneaker spotted on everyone from street style stars to athletes, but I just never really found myself jumping on board. Truth be told I've never been huge on sneakers. However,  I finally realized it was high time to invest and headed to the kids department at DSW, not even kidding, to try my luck.  I ended up snagging them for half of what I would have paid had I gone to women's. Win! Turns out tiny feet do pay off...

Regardless, I'm obsessed. I have found myself in them non stop and pairing them with everything from little dresses to cut offs. They really are universally flattering and have found a permanent home in my closet as a staple. So far my favorite styling has to be this jumper, classic white tee and an extra pop of denim placed just at the waist. Sporty but with a spot of style. 

Sneakers Converse via DSW, Jumper AMI Clubwear, Shirt Hanes, Denim Shirt H&M