5 Small Space Storage Ideas

While some of you aren't exactly living in tiny boxes that New Yorkers try to pass off as apartments, I'm sure that at some point or another, possibly now, you've struggled with storage options. I personally struggle with it every-freaking-day. While I'd love to blame my job for my lack of storage issues, my tendency to hold on to just about everything started way before fashion was in my vocabulary. Lucky for me, I've found a few sure-fire ways to keep your space looking fresh and clutter free - without having to drop a boatload of money on options. 

1. Command Hooks for Jewelry
Granted they're not the prettiest of options {they do have silver, which is nice} but they're cheap and they do the job. Mine live behind my headboard, so they're hidden from plain sight but easy to access. They're also great in closets. Plus at $5 for a pack of 6-8, you can stock up. Also, great for belt and small bag storage!

2. Hang Your Accessories
This actually isn't the first time I've talked about hanging accessories in plain view {see it here too}. Two of my personal favorites have to be 1.) Hanging my hats on the wall, as part of your gallery wall for easy access and 2.) Using decorated knobs to hold my most used handbags.  Make sure you keep it simple and don't let it get too cluttered.

3. Back to Front Storage with Shoes
I'm a little {or way} behind on this one, so if you already knew this - you're awesome! So pretty much you store your shoes with one pointing in and one pointing out. It doubles the amount of space for storage. I accidentally placed a pair like this and immediately flipped all of them after loving the results. Lord knows I need all the help I can get when it comes to shoe storage. Seriously.

4. Storage ottomans & under the bed storage. 
When I'm bringing a new piece of furniture into our apartment I have to ask myself if it's going to take up too much space and if it's going to double as a storage solution. It's only practical. Storage ottomans and benches are great, I got this bench from HomeGoods a couple of years ago for just under $100 and it's been a "lifesaver" for bedsheets, scarves, old photos and jewelry. Plus it fits perfectly under our window making it a great reading nook. As for under the bed storage, it's pretty much key, there's all that unused space going to waste. We recently bought a bed that had storage included and it has been amazing. I have two enormous drawers on my side, one for my overwhelming skirt collection and one to organize my handbags and belts. We opted for the headboard for extra storage on the sides and I think we paid a total of $400 for the entire thing at Ikea. Not in the market for a new bed? There's plenty of reasonably prices under the bed storage options out there.

5. Shoe boxes for underwear & socks. 
No seriously, why spend $10-20 bucks on drawer organizers when you can make one yourself? Take old shoe boxes (all around the same height) and place them in your drawers to organize your bras, undies, socks and workout gear. Honestly it makes a huge difference, my drawer is no longer overflowing and now I don't have to issue a drawer-wide search to find a freaking bra.

What are some of your favorite storage ideas?