DIY Closet Door Makeover

When we moved into our apartment I immediately fell in love the with space, be it as tiny as it was. Sure, there are a few things I could live without, the pink tile in the bathroom with the semi outdated fixtures and less than ideal placement for some of the counter space, but all-in-all I have grown to love it. It's quirky and almost eccentric. The one thing I have not grown to love is the the dark wood sliding door on our closet. For one, it confuses the crap out of me. I can't for the life of me figure out why it wasn't painted to match the room. Sure, we considered painting it, but the priming, painting and then worrying about scratching, chipping and scuffing for what seems like forever didn't seem like a practical choice. Which is probably why it was never painted. So, I started thinking outside the box and brainstorming ways that could remedy our eye sore. It wasn't until then that I realized temporary wallpaper could be the answer to our problems. 

Enter Murals Your Way, I randomly discovered them one day while browsing for unique options to brighten our doors and spent the better part of an afternoon browsing their selection {it's that extensive}. At first I wasn't entirely sure the that SmartStick® Peel & Stick Wall Covering would apply smoothly to our doors but after reaching out to the team they assured me that it would be a great fit. {Hello, super renter friendly!}

So, now it came down to narrowing down what we wanted the general theme to be. We both knew purple for the general color scheme and originally had a few "mod" designs lined up. However our minds were quickly changed when I ran across Abstract Watercolor Landscape. It was a no brainer. 

I finalized my decision, sent in the measurement and put through the order.  The process itself was smooth sailing. A little over a week later the box arrived and I started getting nervous about putting it up. 

What if I messed it?

It took a couple of days but we got over our initial fears and popped open the box. We then decided it would be in a our best interest to take the doors off and wrap them on the bed to be safe. We pulled out our panels and measured everything out, twice. We had a little bit of extra paneling but it was just enough to wrap the edges without trimming. Win. 

Application was EASY! It took two of us but it was a flawless experience, and after all was said and done we both were thrilled with the outcome. It's so much better, wouldn't you agree? Adios hideous doors...
Now I almost feel like I should be applying this stuff all over the apartment. Watch out!

Looking for a wall, door and space revamp? Definitely check out Murals Your Way.