LG G4: Blogger Style

If any of you know me in person, you know I have a serious problem keeping my phone charged. Granted the phone is a few seasons behind and doesn’t pack the punch in the charging (or any) department like it used to so I can’t quite take all of the blame. It’s funny because my husband has all of my friends on speed dial just in case we’re out and my phone loses power, which in most cases, it does. It’s a long standing funny but not so funny joke. So, obviously it was high time for me to update my little phone for something greater, a lot greater. Enter, the new LG G4. Oh my ghad this thing is awesome! The incredible 5.5’’ Quad HD screen and the 16 Mega-Pixel (8 Mega-Pixel front) camera are probably a fashion blogger’s dream alone. 
The phone’s camera is equipped with one of the best camera’s on the current market, not only for smart phones, but for digital cameras in general. Who doesn’t want Optical Image Stabilization, High-res Image Sensors, and Manual mode with a f/1.8 low light lens? Forget toting around my DSLR. This baby gets the job done and I can slip it right back into my clutch when I’ve gotten what I need. Thus far the battery has been every bit reliable as it should be...#win.

It has quickly become an accessory with the brown leather design, exclusive to T-Mobile, so I can skip shopping for a stylish case. It’s easy to hold and the Android operating system’s maneuverability is extremely user friendly. No learning curve here. The bright, high contrast screen is a dream and comes with a good chunk of storage at 32GB. So feel free to snap away on the shoe selfies and latte pics. And don’t forget to add all of your playlists. 

The LG G4 Phones are due out next month so pre-register to find out when they’re available near you and get entered to win a phone of your own {they’re giving away 30}! You can also follow the @G4Preview handle to check out the truck tour and see when the LG G4 Truck is coming to your town so you can try them out for yourself before they hit stores.
And yep, these were snapped from my new LG. Kind of wins you over, doesn't it?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of LG. The opinions and text are all mine.