What's In My Bag: Clutch Edition

Truth be told, I'm not entirely sure how I've gone all this time without having a nude bag in my life. {It's just as essential as having a black bag, if not more..} Luckily I've found the error of my ways and snagged this lovely wrap clutch from ASOS a couple of weeks back. Don't worry, I quickly made up for lost time. 

Now, as far as the clutch goes, it's a bohemian dream with the wrap detail and gold hardware. I have more than just a feeling that it's going to be paired with just about everything as the weeks go on. So, I'm apologizing ahead of time for the frequent appearances...

What's In My Bag: 
The Bag - Asos Clutch Wrap Bag, $33

The Daily Essentials:
I think it's safe to say that I like to be prepared, so extra sunglasses and a statement necklace {this one is so much fun!} are always spotted in my bags, sometimes in bulk. I usually feel safest with a couple cheapie pairs, just in case one breaks or I need to share a pair. 

Statement NecklaceJane Stone Skull Necklace $46

Obviously a metrocard is never far from reach. I actually spent the entire winter with it in my coat pocket so I didn't have to dig around for it. My Timo! wallet/case keeps it from getting lost in the 'clutter'. Plus I keep my debit card, a few business cards and my ID in there for easy access.  I almost always have old photo booth pictures from events in my purse for an instant smile maker

 I always looks for ridiculously fun cases for my phone and am currently obsessed with this cute kitty case. It's hilarious and is always a conversation starter.

I have a serious lip color obsession and often find around 4-5 different colors in my bag.  These bareMinerals Oil Balms are my current favorites. If you haven't already, you HAVE to try them. They're so smooth and refreshing. 

What's in your bag?