Spring {Decor} Refresh Under $50

At this point I'm sure you're fully aware that I'm completely obsessed with decorating our apartment. We've been here for a little over a year and half and I'm starting to realize that it's probably about time we make it our home and start filling the frames with pictures. I'm not even kidding you. I recently had a friend come over and remark that we must really love pianos because all of our frames were filled with photos of pianos (they came with the frames). As funny as it was, I realized then it was probably time to change that. 

 Since we decided that we're going to stay in our place for a little bit longer, we've thrown ourselves into painting, new furniture and fixtures over the last few months. I'm finally starting to feel a little more settled {as a Libra I'm not sure I'll ever feel 100% but don't tell my husband, he's already groaning with my frequent changes of heart. Fingers crossed}. If you've seen sneak peaks of our place in the past {here,  here and here} you're definitely going to see changes! 

As most of you know I'm obsessed with shopping for the home Marshalls and T.J.Maxx, it's one of my favorite 'secrets'. There's been times where I've stumbled upon real gems, most of which are still in our apartment. So, when T.J.Maxx knew I need a little help kickstarting my 'Spring Re-fresh' they helped a gal out with a $100 gift card. Of course I hit all the stores in a 5 mile radius and came home with some seriously great finds without making a dent in the budget. This clock, ceramic pot and frame that are now occupying the shelf are the perfect example, all together they were a whopping $10! Yep. The pot was $1. That was a successful day of shopping. Plus now I have a place to put my Joanna Baker prints!
The bohemian in me has started a fascination with baskets so obviously I had to at least add one or two. This one under my desk now holds my printer and papers for just $12! Goodbye eyesore. 
Frames, little dishes and vases are kind of my go to when I head into stores so these were perfect for storage and desk space additions. I stocked up on some essentials like new curtain rods, a much needed laundry basket and throws with out even breaking $50.  Obviously I'm sure I'll have updates in the future, but this is just the start. Who else loves Marshalls and T.J.Maxx for decor?
disclosure: T.J.Maxx was kind enough to send over a gift card for shopping, as always all opinions are my own.