The Printed Maxi Dress

For me when I'm out shopping I always flock to interesting prints and shapes so obviously it was no surprise that the moment I saw this stunning print I grabbed it straight off the rack and ran into the fitting room to try it on. Truth be told it was a little higher than I'd like to spend on a single item from H&M but it was just too perfect. I mean, it's practically an Emilio Pucci print {It's flipping close, right?}. So I swallowed the $56 bucks (thank god I had a 20% off coupon) and brought it home with me. Turns out it sold out practically everywhere after I bought it, so I'm almost entirely sure I made the right choice. Also, it doesn't hurt that I get compliments on it every time I step out. Win, and win.

Dress H&M, Boots Bakers, Belt & Bag Vintage

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