Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serums Review

During the Winter my skin takes the heat for well, the lack of heat {and humidity}. Sure, I spend all this time making sure my face gets the very best treatment during the {bitterly} cold and dry months but let's be real, everywhere else gets straight neglected. Perhaps it's the fact that it's mostly unseen under all my layers, so I guess out of site out of mind plays the biggest role in this bad behavior. Emphasis on bad behavior.

Luckily, Vaseline's new Intensive Care Healing Serums have my back. With 10x the healing power to reverse dry skin damage, the new serums bring the power of highly concentrated, healing ingredient to Vaseline's first ever moisturizing body care serum. Available in three variants each with micro-droplets of Vaseline jelly to provide specialized relief for each use. Opt for Advanced Relief to heal and calm severely dry skin, or grab Radiance Restore to heal and restore radiance to dry and dull skin with a smidge of pure coca butter. For cracked, rough skin opt for Deep Repair. I got to try all three with the addition of box full of specialty "X" cookies from Magnolia Bakery. Because who can resist beauty essentials paired with sweets? No one, that's who. Truth be told the cookies barely lasted a week, the serums have thankfully stretched a bit further.

Personally, I found myself using the Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum in Advanced Relief the most, it was the perfect addition to my after shower routine and I immediately noticed a difference in my skin texture, and found it was in fact gentle on even my overly sensitive skin. Whew. The smell is pleasant, though I will say the the Deep Repair has the best fragrance. All formulas are creamy and non-greasy. Best part, they're under $10 a pop and can be found at your neighborhood favorites like CVS, Duane Reade and Target.
Have you tried the new Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serums?

Vaseline sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine.