HP + Intel Inside® #workfromhappyplace Collaboration

While I love the flexibility of being able to work from my home office in my pajamas I don’t always look for inspiration in my closet (and living room). Since I live in a city lush with inspiration, there’s always somewhere new to explore and get inspired, whether it’s my favorite coffee shop at the corner, walking down the street or sitting at the park. So, I’ve teamed up with HP + Intel Inside® to share how I #workfromhappyplace, while on the go. 
First off, HP is a new kind of tablet with Intel inside®. The built in Intel Inside® processor makes this HP tablet lightning fast, because let’s be real I don’t have time to wait for things to load. I also don’t have to worry about the fuss of having to find wi-fi {as some of my favorite spots don’t always have it} because each tablet is equipped with it’s own free data plan right out of the box. 4G on the go, yes please. Now I can sign contracts, reply to emails, and jot down my notes while riding the train or waiting in the endless line at Trader Joe’s, with ease. 

It also takes great {Instagram & blogworthy} pictures, so when the mood strikes the tablet is easily brought out and the moment of inspiration is captured and stored. You get a year of free cloud storage (1 TB), so snap away! I love grabbing a cup of coffee and heading out to snap street style pictures, decor ideas and even architecture for inspiration for TfDiaries. 
Now, I don’t always run around the city, sometimes I just head to my favorite diner for an endless cup of coffee or my favorite park for a little change of scenery to jot down ideas, finish drafts and even create invoices. {You also get a free year of Office 365 so my HP tablet with Intel Inside® is set to cover all of my needs with the tap of a screen.} I even toted it to the salon last weekend to share my hair inspiration ideas. 
Let’s be real, the new HP tablet with Intel Inside®  was made for you to work from your happy place, where ever you go, or need to go...

How do you work from your happy place?

This post has been brought to you by HP & Intel Inside®, as always all opinions are my own.