Better in Black

Most days are spent commuting to different parts of the city on shopping excursions, event pop ins, research and now, school pick ups. For most of which, comfort is key, but then again, when isn't it? One of my easy no fail pairings {that works all day, everyday} is my leather jacket, you know, the one you've seen practically non-stop since I acquired it last year, and my cozy, almost worn through the knees black skinnies. Sure, I mix it up with the layers and the shoes but I'm not one to resist the temptation of an all black ensemble. This one seemed all too perfect with the addition of my new booties, that were made even better because they can be worn a couple of ways.

Jacket Spiegel, Pants Old Navy, Sweater TJMAXX, Boots Debshops, Scarf Nordstrom Rack