5 Ways To Style {Unwanted} Bangs

Sure,  I love having bangs for the whole minute after getting them. You know, until it sinks in that I have yet another thing I have to worry about in the morning. My wavy hair makes having blunt bangs a task, the blowdrying and then flat ironing, it's time consuming and high maintenance. Even then they're not always perfect, so I usually last a whopping 6 months before giving up on the style and begin to grow them back out. Ah, that endless period of time where your hair grows at the {seemingly} slowest pace of your life. Yep, you know exactly what I'm talking about, don't you?

So, I've figured out a few ways to soften the blow of growing out your bangs and looking good while doing so. Here are 5 ways to grow out your bangs without having to resort to "just pinning them back" while they take their sweet time growing out...

1. The Mini Braid
You've probably seen this one the most since I jumped on the having bangs bandwagon, again. Just gently french braid those bangs into your longer hair and voila, what bangs?! Works just as well in a ponytail or bun.
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2. The Mini Bun
One of Fall's {dare I say} biggest hair trends has to be the introduction of the mini bun, just grab your bangs with a little bit of hair from your crown and give your self a little bun, go messy or perfectly coifed. 

3. The Messy Bun
Circa the 90's {Clueless Era} and making another stylish comeback just in time to hide your little hair secret. Pull high and pin if needed. 

4. Side Braids & The Half Braided Updo
Start off with french braiding your bangs into your hair {like above} and continue through the entire side of your head. As for the updo, check out the tutorial HERE.

5. Hats
It's Fall {moving right on into Winter} so there's no time like now to start growing out your bangs if you just can't stand the site of them any longer. 5 months of head coverage guarantees some sort of growth in the right direction, right? Plus hats are kind of awesome, if I do say so myself...
How do you grow out your bangs?