Garnier, Just For Fun

When it comes to my hair I’m all about trying new things to make it pop, and by pop I mean quite literally, with color. Sure I’ve dabbled with temporary colored hair around Halloween but I never really found one that quite fit with my hair. They were either splotchy, extremely drying or looked absolutely ridiculous.

Well, Garnier just introduced Garnier Color Styler, a new line of temporary, hair color in 5 bold shades. My personal favorites are Pink Pop & Purple Mania, which fit quite perfectly with this season’s biggest hair trends. Yeah, I’m a little late, but I’m definitely ok with it. First I experimented with a little pink ombre and loved it a little too much. But after a few washes, I was good to go for playing with Purple Mania. I started off with ‘highlights’ but ended up adding more as time went on, which made it kind of perfect for my usual loose, messy side braid. 
As far as application goes, the clay-based, pigmented formula creates a thin color coat on the surface making it non-damaging and ridiculously easy to apply. No rinsing needed, plus, it doesn’t rub off once it’s dry. 

So, if you’re looking to go a little crazy for the weekend, an upcoming concert or change your color just for fun grab Garnier Color Styler. When you join in on the fun,  submit your photos via Instagram and tag them with #FunnestGirl. Then tell us why you’re the #FunnestGirl in the World  in the comments for your chance to be Garnier Color Styler’s 72 hour spokesmodel. 

While this post was sponsored by Garnier, all the opinions and experiences are my own.