4 Ways To Wear a Striped Crop Top

When it comes to my essentials for the season I always opt for pieces that will get the most wear, whether it's a new pair of shoes, a must have sweater or show stopping pair of earrings they all have to pass my age old rule of 4 WTW before they even enter my cart. This time around while shopping at H&M last month I stumbled upon this (almost too) cozy cropped knit striped sweater on the rack for a whopping $15 -  I immediately swooped it up and took it straight to the register already planning a dozen pairings in my head. Obviously it's already passed the test and it's been a battle to not wear it every chance I get...

So with that being said, I'm sharing my 4 favorite ways I'm wearing my Striped Crop Top...

1. Layered over a blouse with jeans
 2. With More Prints
 3. Over a Dress!
4. With A Printed Midi