What I'm Loving: Acer Iconia

I first mentioned this newest tech addition here, but since then I've kind of fallen in love all the more. Like I said before the Intel Acer Iconia runs on the android powered system which is refreshing because I'm an avid droid user and love how it runs in tablet form. The Acer is super lightweight and compact, a whopping 7.9'', making it easier to slip it in my bag and take it on the go. Plus it's ridiculously budget friendly at well under $150.
Over the last month, I've spent the most time pinning and checking out what's on newstands, the NextIssue app is amazing guys, you get access to 165 publications for current and past issues (Even this month's Redbook!). Plus they download, so you don't need wifi to read them, making them the best travel essential, ever. The tablet is also equipped with some pretty sweet apps as well as a front to back camera perfect for skyping and taking those (shameless) selfies. And like my phone all my pictures get backed up to Google Picasa so I can write and edit next week's post while I'm on the train or at the park. My only issue is that the battery doesn't stay charged as long as I'd like but that could just be me, I don't always turn it on sleep. Otherwise it's a great buy and I'm even tempted to buy one for the boys to use for traveling and school.
Have you tried the Acer Iconia?

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