Beauty Buys Under $25

When it comes to a good beauty buy it's almost impossible for me to say no, especially when it falls into the budget friendly category. So over the last few weeks I've either added a few fabulous additions to my beauty closet or have been on the prowl for some serious beauty finds that have been a buzz across the web. Personally, I think by now everyone has either heard of or tried Benefit's new liner, so I'm sure you're not surprised that it's on my coveting list, we all know I love a good cat eye. As far as recent additions go, my favorite so far has to be the MD Pro Peel, it's seriously amazing - my husband said my skin was glowing - and he doesn't say stuff like that, often. And then there's Buxom's Full On Lip Polishes, I'm currently using Kimberly (Bubblegum Pink) with everything but I honestly love them all, plus you can look for your name, there's 99! 

With that being said, I'm rounding up my favorite beauty buys under $25...

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