New Way To Save: Bing Rewards

Since moving last year I've found myself searching the internet for decor inspiration, furniture and supplies more times than not (yep, even more than clothing and gasp, shoes). My most recent helper in this seemingly endless search is Bing Rewards, all those hours, er, weeks searching for the right sofa turn right into points to redeem as gift cards via Starbucks (because you need to be caffeinated for this task),, Groupon and more. Sign in with your Microsoft account or even, Facebook and search via your desktop, tablet and your phone to rack up rewards. 

For every 2 searches you get a credit, and you can earn up to 15 credits a day. It's almost too simple. I'm used to having to jump through hoops for some sort of reward system, so this is refreshing. Nothing to search? Check out your rewards dashboard for daily offers and find even more ways to earn. Plus, the higher your status the more rewards you get, so all those hours searching the internet are actually paying off. Who knew? Bing even gauges your interests and sends notifications to keep you updated.  Guys, It's kind of awesome.

Did I mention it's free? Sign Up and Start Earning, Here
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