10 Summer Beauty Hacks

During the Summer I tend to expand my beauty routine to help stay protected from the sun and beat the heat at the same time. Obviously with humidity in full check I have to think about my naturally wavy hair turning into a full on frizz storm and my skin turning into an oil slick. However, over the last several years I've found some tried and true Summer Beauty Hacks to keep me and my beauty routine in check without having to throw it all away on product. So, with a little bit of help from Veet I'm sharing my favorite 10 beauty hacks to try this Summer...

1. Chill Your Creams: Refresh your face with chilled Eye Creams and Moisturizers.

2. Braids Are Your BFF: Braids are a stylish take for when you're in between washes, trying to hide  your bangs, or just want to keep your hair out of your face. (Tutorials coming soon!)
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3. Veet Fast Acting Gel Cream: I hate going to shave only to find my razor is dull, and wont get the job done. Enter my new Summer Beauty Essential; Veet's Fast Acting Gel Cream hair remover (Under $10!). Just cover your legs, underarms or even bikini line with the cream and leave on for 3 minutes and swipe away with the spatula for smooth summer ready legs. I'm officially giving up my razors for this goodness! *Always do a test spot to make sure you're not going to have a reaction*

4. Coconut Oil : Hair, Face and Food. Just a dab of coconut oil as a quick moisturizer while you're on the go or during your vacation. Use as a hair mask for silky smooth locks, or eat a teaspoon before eating a meal to help keep your bikini bod in check. 

5. Apple Cider Vinegar:  A 1/4 cup when you're washing your hair can remove product built up and help protect your hair from chlorine. Also, great as a skin astringent, especially when you're battling a breakout. (More Kitchen Beauty Recipes)

6. Lemon: Pretty much the go to for just about everything from spritzing in hair before heading out into the sun for natural highlights to using lemon to fight sweat stains during the summer.  Combine Lemon and Strawberry for an awesome summer face masque or use as a natural teeth whitener. (More Lemon Recipes)
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7. "Ice Cube Everything": You can use ice cream trays for just about anything and everything, from aloe vera (genius) to coffee. Fill, Freeze and Pop!

8. Switch from Powder To Cream: Save you powder bronzers, blushes and eyeshadows for cooler weather and switch to cream - it beats the heat! Currently Loving: Stila Covertible Color in Camelia

9. Head Scarves: Make your own turban with one of your favorite silk scarves. (Tutorial Here)
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10.  DIY Face Powder: Cornstarch and cinnamon (or cocoa) makes for a great on the go, matte powder (See Full Recipe)
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What are your favorite Summer Beauty Hacks?
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