Margarita Moments With Sauza®

You ever have one of those weeks where just about everything is a disaster? Well, welcome to the last seven day. From leaking roofs to my cat marking his territory all over my clean laundry to breaking off the heel of one of my favorite pairs of shoes, it’s happened and I can’t say I enjoyed it. Lucky for me, I’m bringing over some of my favorite gals to kick off the weekend with Sauza®-ritas, trashy television and of course my famous mexican hot chocolate brownies (plus these amazing tacos) to celebrate our margarita worthy moments. I know I’m not the only one, right? And with Cinco De Mayo just around the corner, the timing couldn’t be better. 

So, since I’ll be kicking of my weekend with a little Sauza®-rita love, I thought I’d share the recipe so you can have your very own Margarita Moment! Don’t forget to share with the #margaritamoments hashtag!
Here’s What You’ll Need: 
1 can Sauza® Blue Silver 100% Agave Tequila*
1 bottle light beer
1 can frozen limeade
1 can water

How to Make It: Pour limeade and beer into a pitcher with ice. Fill limeade can with Sauza® Blue Silver and pour into pitcher. Finally, add a can of water, stir and enjoy.
Nothing's more relaxing than a cool desert breeze blowing across your tired shoulders. Oh wait. That's the breath of a man who has something very important to tell you. He's the cowboy. And he's here to help you relax after a hard day on the ranch. When he's not rounding up baby cattle, he's rounding up ingredients for the perfect Sauza®-rita. Learn how to make it with him on your next ladies' night in:

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