From Sport To Street

It’s no secret that I’m not the sportiest gal out there, I only own a couple pair of sneaks and they’re not necessarily the running kind. However, since moving back to the city something has come over me. I’ve been won over by the chic pairings of fitness wear and style taking over the streets. I’ll have to admit it has me a little inspired to try it myself and I’ve been slowly taking athletic wear and making them street ready with stylish pairings. 

Most recently I’ve teamed up with Athleta, one of the most versatile of athletic apparel, to bring to you my picks for Sports to the Street. I grabbed the Aspire Ankle Pants for style and fitness inspiration. I particularly loved the adjustable hem and the silky fabric, I almost thought it was too stylish to work out in. But I quickly tested that theory and took them for a walk through Central Park, just to get my heart rate going, and they were kind of perfect. After all it was a perfect Spring day and it would’ve have been a crime to not go for a quick walk. Lightweight and maneuverable with just a touch of style. 
Later, I swapped out my sneaks and scarf for heels, a moto jacket and a statement necklace for brunch with a couple gals and an impromptu shopping outing just a hop, skip and a train over to Union Square. (And just in case you were curious, they didn’t budge after inhaling a round of french toast and bacon). After wearing the pants through the day I wasn’t entirely ready to take them off, and easily could’ve taken them to quick drinks with the addition of a bold lip, but I’ll save that for next weekend! However, I’ll happily admit they stayed on while I finished off the last couple episodes of House of Cards with the husband and some homemade popcorn. 

How would you wear them from Sports To Street?

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This post brought to you by Athleta, the premier fitness fashion brand for women.