Fresh Cut Flowers 101

For me adding fresh cut flowers to the home is an instant pick me up, it brightens my mood and gives even the most sullen room some pep. They've even been proven to add some magic to the work place, keeping you inspired, productive and on task. Works for me and we all know it works for the people at Conde Nast. So last week when I caught up with the talented people at Bfloral, I knew I had to get a couple tips from the real experts. Here's looking at you Spring...
1. When buying roses gently squeeze the area where the rose meets the stem. If it's firm, buy them and if it's soft, pass (they're old!).

2. The leaves on rose stems are actually poisonous to roses so remove them before adding them to water. You can keep some on top for some oomph, just keep them away from the water. I'd follow suite with other flowers as well to keep bacteria from growing too soon.

3. Always trim your stems at an angle before adding to water for maximum absorption. Make sure your scissors are razor sharp!

4. Change the water every other day to keep things fresh. You can add a dash of sugar, an aspirin or a smidge of bleach to keep things peppy if you're out of plant packets. 

5. Don't be afraid of "filler" flowers like carnations and freesias, they last a long time and are just as fabulous as say, tulips. I hear they're making a comeback.

6. In a tulip wilting rut? Drop a penny in the vase to keep them upright!

7. Keep your flowers cool, they're partial to cooler enviorments. So setting next to the radiator probably isn't your best bet. I swear they looked cold ;).

8. If you're an Orchid lover (it is practically the theme for the year) skip the ice cube. Turns out it does more harm than good, causing the plant to go into shock. 
What are you favorite tips?