Customized Paperweight DIY

Last week at the Real Simple "Style Your Space" event I found myself standing in front of an amazing shredder stuffing a monogrammed glass paper weight with the hot pink scraps. It was genius. I got home and realized it just really didn't go with my office. So out went the shredded pink paper, leaving it  almost boring with just the lone "M" on the glass with a standard white background. It sat there for a few days getting on my nerves and finally out of the corner of my eye I caught the floral clippings from a magazine on my mood board. Ah ha. I would put something else in there that fit my aesthetic and the clippings were just the right fit for the pop of color I really wanted (and needed). Turns out it was just as easy as the initial diy but maybe with a little less mess and all the inspiration!

Here's What You Need:
 Magazine Clipping Or Picture
& Clear Glass Paperweight (here)
Next,  measure and cut circle out of clipping. As you can see I have mad cutting skills, about that of a 5 year old. Let's just call that abstract. 
Open the back of the paperweight and insert the circle. It should fit perfectly, with no puckering. Close the back.
And Voila! You're unique paper weight that gives your desk the right pop of personality (and color!)
Thanks Real Simple & Staples for the inspiration!