This Week...

It's been quite awhile since This Week has made it up (thanks to moving and the holidays), so it's time to get back in the swing of things. I'm hoping everyone's holiday has been delightful and eventful thus far. Since things have been low key in these parts, mainly because of a nasty cold, I only managed to do a little shopping post holidays and touch up a few new items in the apartment (see the sneak peek here).

Also,  It would seem I'm having a winter floral moment.
 Silk'n Flash&Go tops the list of things to try in the new year, stay tuned!
 G.H Cretors sent over some popcorn for the holidays, and I'm hooked (needless to say the four bags barely lasted the weekend). The chicago mix is the right about of sweet and salty. And it's non-gmo & gluten free... (don't forget to like them on Facebook!)
  An Outfit that didn't quite make the cut this week...
Happy Weekend!