This Week...

Since the last of the gorgeous hued leaves have fallen by now, I was in the mood for a little more red in my life. So, off to the thrift store I went to snag this red wool had for a whole 4 bucks and this incredible 80's plaid blazer, complete with enormous shoulder pads, for a whopping $5. Done, and done. Let's get styling.
 The boys and I stumbled across this amazing village like park in town a few days ago and I couldn't resist some snaps of the guys having a moment. 
 I also got a couple cute packages that brightened my week, including these amazing Yes To products. I'm loving the wipes for my lazy nights and a swipe or two of this lip balm since I've been feeling a little dry (this cold weather hates my love for lipstick).
 Plus, I added these beauties to my arm party, I'm loving Caroline Hill Collection's right now. You might remember the elephant from this post, dare I style up the 'zoo'?
And since I was lucky enough to be blessed with a lovely cold this week, I got to put the Activate drinks to good use. Just a twist of the cap for a fresh dose of vitamin infused water without the loss of nutrients or the hassle of have to stir in those messy supplements (or er, horse tablets). I've already bought a handful more to help nurse my cold, and I can actually say I feel better, sans the beloved sniffles. 
Happy Weekend.